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July 30, 2019  

Episode 2-Axe Grinder GT, Most/Least Favorite part of 2nd edition, Robert Brandon and Keith Randall talk US Masters, Kings of War Worldwide (KOW3), the Podcast

July 30, 2019

Episode 2 is finally here!  (Now with the Listener Feedback segment included!) First, I recount my trip to Axe Grinder GT in Cleveland Tennessee. Then we have a great Listener Feedback segment on the best and worst parts of 2nd edition. Finally, we wrap with up with Robert (the Dean) Brandon and Keith (Esquire sir) Randall discussing the development of the US Masters regions. 

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Music Credits:

Intro- "Epic Boss Battle" by Juhana Junkala

Segues- "I dunno" by Grapes

"IntroAction" by Audionautix

"PopStar" by Audionautix

"White Crow" by XTakeRuX

Outro- "Orc March" by Basematic

All are licensed under Creative Commons

Voice Over provided by Gideon Belmont Hill