January 20, 2020

Episode 20- The Siege of Augusta GT and War Engine Spam

I share my experiences at the Siege of Augusta GT, the first 3rd edition GT in the SE region of the US.  33% of the lists showed up with war engines and 5 lists had 6 war engines. Listen in to find out how they fared and how everyone else did in the rapidly changing meta. I also have interviews with new players and the TO.

*A note about the episode number- I combined the Bonus Content and Episodes so this is #20. Moving forward everything will be an episode.


Come join the discussion in the Kings of War WorldWide (KOW3) Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/172722949908327/ 


Music Credits:

Intro- "Epic Boss Battle" by Juhana Junkala

Segues- "I dunno" by Grapes

"IntroAction" by Audionautix

"PopStar" by Audionautix

"White Crow" by XTakeRuX

"Foolish Game" by Alex

Outro- "Orc March" by Basematic

All are licensed under Creative Commons

Voice Over provided by Gideon Belmont Hill

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