Kings of War WorldWide (KOW3), the Podcast

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June 23, 2019  

Episode 1-Discover GT, Requiring Mantic Models, New Player Interview with JJ and Michele Jones, Kings of War Worldwide (KOW3), the Podcast

June 23, 2019

In this inaugural Episode of the podcast, my guests and I discuss Discover GT, the pros and cons of Tournament Organizers requiring Mantic models, and we sit down with JJ and Michele Jones to talk about the hobby from the perspective of new players.

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Music Credits:

Intro- "Epic Boss Battle" by Juhana Junkala

Segues- "I dunno" by Grapes

"IntroAction" by Audionautix

"PopStar" by Audionautix

"White Crow" by XTakeRuX

Outro- "Orc March" by Basematic

All are licensed under Creative Commons

Voice Over provided by Gideon Belmont Hill